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Litigating patents and trademarks in Europe

How much, how long, for what, with who ? A few hints.
How much ? The cost of the litigation, if you prefer it to a transaction, depending on whether you are regardant or not with the principles. (US litigation : million dollar scale)  EU country litigation : 10 000 to 100 000 euros scale
How long ? : 1 to 5 years scale
For what ? Where ? Injunctions, declarations of non-infringement, indemnification… What indemnification is at stake before a jurisdiction in Europe ? *Trademarks and designs : Entire european infringement prejudice (Communautary titles, court of the defendant’s country, as a rule) or national infringement prejudice (national titles) : 10 000 / 100 000 euros scale *Patent : National infringement prejudice : 100 000 / 200 000 euros scale – cross border injunctions or european prejudices may be envisaged in some limited cases.
With who ? A big firm /  a little firm ? The big firm will manage patent multicountries actions more efficiently, using its network. The little fir…